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How Do Business Loan Work?


What is business loan?

Nowadays, there are a lot of entrepreneur around the world who want to build his or her own business. However, when you want to build your own business, you will need lots of money because building a business has lots of needs like hiring an office, employing workers, office stuff etc. When you do not have any savings, it will be very difficult.

While you are investing for your business, the lenders offer you the amount of money you want in any term you will be able to pay. According to your need, you can get the amount of money you want with the interest rate option you can pay back. It doesn’t always have to be to start your own business. If you want to grow your business or If you want to buy some mechanics for your company in order to get powerful, it is also called as Business Loan.

How does a business loan work?

There are many types of loans for any customer’s need such as; term loan, short term loan, equipment financing, invoice financing, SBA loans etc. The best well known and the most used one is term loan is term loan.

What is Term Loan?

Term loan is the traditional loan when you need some cash for your business. The minimum limit is 10.000 $ and maximum limit is 500.000 $. The payment terms are between 1 year to 5 years for repaying. The minimum interest rate is 7% but this rate changes according the amount that you need and the credit history you have. This type of loan is paid monthly and probably with the fix interest rate per every month.  However, if you want to get loan with lower interest rates short term loan can be better solution for your need.

What are the advantages of Short Term Loan?

It does not matter why you want to get a loan. Whenever you want to get it, the only matter you need to think about is when you can pay it back. If you need short term loan (of course if you are able to pay), the lenders will charge you with lower interest rates. This type of loans’ minimum amount is 2.500 $ up to 18.000 $. Also, the term is short. Terms are between 3 months up to 18 months. Due to their little amount, the interest rates can be higher but having a good credit history can make you be able to negotiate with the lender.

What if I want to buy an equipment?

When you want to buy a new equipment for your business, your chance to get a credit is higher because lenders can guarantee their money by securing your machine. That’s why the lenders will charge you little interest rates like 8%. This type of loans is likely given after face to face meeting with the customer. Also, some lenders let to start this process through the Internet and make it easier for you.


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