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How Do You Get Your Credit Score?


Changing and living conditions made people obliged to pay more attention to credit points. Because credit score is one of the main factors that are considered for the realization of each financial transaction. For these reasons, it is extremely important to get your credit score.

There are some conditions you should be aware of when getting your credit score;

  • How many credit points?
  • What type of points do you receive your credit score?
  • What is taken into account when calculating a credit score and do they change the credit score?

What are the methods you can use to get your credit score?

First of all, the first method you will use to get your credit score is credit reporting organizations. Credit reporting organizations calculate credit points in different credit score ranges based on the credit reports they create. You will need to subscribe to receive your credit score from all three credit reporting agencies. Before subscribing, each of the three credit reporting agencies allows the trial version to be used for a certain period of time. Monthly subscription fee will be charged after this period.

Another thing you should know before getting your credit score is; credit score types. There are two types of credit points that you may often encounter; FICO and VantageStore. When you get your credit score, you should pay attention to the type of points you receive. Because even though there are similar characteristics in the calculations, the two types of credit points are different. And VantageScore is higher than FICO. For this reason, it is important for which type of points the lender determines credit points.

Based on this information, other methods you can use to get your credit score are;

  • Credit Carma, Credit Sesame, Quizzle

All three services are completely free of charge and only VantageScore calculates by credit score type. The credit reporting institutions where these services calculate according to the credit reports are also different. Credit Carma receives credit reports from TransUnion and Equifax credit reporting agencies, Credit Sesame Experian credit reporting agencies, and Quizzle from Equifax credit reporting agencies.

  • Credit Cards;

This is the other method you can use to get your credit score. With credit cards you can get your credit score based on both FICO and VantageScore score types. Some credit cards where you can get your free credit score;

  • American Express,
  • Capital One,
  • Discover,
  • Barclaycard
  • Commerce Bank,
  • First Bankcard,
  • USAA Bank,
  • US Bank,
  • Credit Unions;

Those who do not use credit cards can learn free credit cards and FICO credit points. However, there are few credit unions that provide this service. For example; Pentagon Federal Credit Union and DCU Credit Union.

  • Bank of America;

This is another way to get your credit score. Persons with appropriate credit cards can receive credit points based on the FICO credit score type. TransUnion uses the credit reporting agency’s credit reports to calculate the Bank of America credit score.

  • myFICO.com;

This is the last method you can use to get your credit score. You can learn your credit score by FICO credit score and also take advantage of your credit reports and credit score management benefits. However, this service is chargeable.


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