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How to Get a Business Credit Card?


Credit card is thought to be a must in today’s world. However extra things can happen any time in our lives without any warnings. When you need to buy something and when you need some extra cash or pay the bill, credit cards are our closest friends. In the emergency time you can pay some thing or get extra cash and you can pay that money next month or you can pay it monthly.

If you run a business credit card is another helper or cash deposit for you. Due to its quickness and flexibility, when you need some thing it will meet your needs.

Who can apply for business credit card?

Business credit cards are not just for the people who has an office. If you are a freelance worker or if you have a home office, you can apply it. UBER drivers, eBay sellers are also another potential customer to have a chance to apply it. The simplest thing is if you profit from any business you can apply it quickly.

It has some advantages for the people in business. It grows your purchasing power. When you have credit card for your business, you can buy more things for your business. Because it is like extra saving and potential investments. You can also earn some rewards for business categories.

How can you apply?

When you apply for a business credit card, you need to identify your business’ legal name. If you have a corporation just identify your companies name. If you are a freelance worker, your name and ID number will be enough. Your tax identification number is another thing that must be given. In this way the lender or the company which you will use its credit card can check your income and your tax record.

The type of the business you do is another concern for the lender. The lender can decide the amount according to the type of business. Also, your role in the business must be given. They need to know what you do and what you are going to use the credit card for. Other necessary information is your business address and phone number, how long you have been in the business, the number of employees and your business’ annual income.

How can I get guaranteed approval?

We can not say you will exactly get the business credit card. Also, the amount you want is not guaranteed. After you apply your credit history you may need to give some personal guarantee. Not lying on the application such as identifying higher income and the role in the business can be a problem when they ask for official papers. Relationship with banks is important for this process.

So be trustworthy and keep a good credit score. These can help you to get a business credit card easily. Be careful! If you get a high limit, please contact with the bank and ask them to make it lower. This can be a problem in the future while paying it back.


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