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What Can Student Loans Be Used For?


Many people need student loans to cover their expenses during their education. However, student credits include more than tuition fees. Therefore, there are many people who are curious about what else they will use student loans.

Student loans are divided into two; federal student loans and private student loans. Federal student loans are government loans. Private student loans are given by private lenders and credit terms vary from lender to lender.

What can student loans be used for or not?

There are many areas for using student loans. It is your decision on which of these areas you will spend student loans. However, don’t forget to take the course expenses into consideration when making these expenditures. The areas where student loans can be used are as follows;

  • Tuition and fees
  • Off-campus housing and utilities
  • On-campus room and board
  • Books, supplies and equipment related to your major
  • Transportation, including gas, tolls, buses and trains
  • Housing supplies, including linens, a microwave and dishes
  • Miscellaneous personal supplies, including toiletries and medication
  • Groceries
  • Fees for professional testing, licensing and certificates
  • Care for dependents, as long as you let your school’s financial aid office know this allowance should be factored into your aid package
  • Study abroad program costs

There are many areas where you can use student loans as well as many areas that you should not use. Be especially careful not to use these areas. If student loans are used out of purpose, lenders may request that the loan be paid as soon as possible. This will put you in a financial situation. The areas where you should not use your student loans are;

  • Travel, vacations or hotel stays
  • A down payment or repairs on a home or car
  • Anyone else’s education costs
  • Pricey electronics, such as an oversized television or sound system
  • Nightly takeout or delivery food
  • Other debt, such as personal loans, auto loans and credit cards
  • Entertainment, such as concert tickets and Netflix subscriptions
  • A new car, motorcycle or a bicycle
  • Small business expenses

If student loans are not enough, how can I earn money at university?

While using student loans for such situations may seem a good idea, avoid using student loans in these areas because of staying in a good financial form for the future. If student loans are not enough and you need more, you can get a part-time job. This way you can complete your education and pay your student loans.

If you want to save on the loan you are obliged to pay, the best way to reduce your student loan debt is to apply for grants and scholarships. However, you can also use the refinancing student loans option if you are not eligible. Refinancing student loans are loans that are given in lieu of your student loans and have lower interest rates. You can use refinancing student loans for federal student loans and private student loans. The other method you can use is the student loans consolidation. However, this only covers federal student loans and the interest rate remains almost the same. Because you combine only a few credits, you pay all your credits under one credit.


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