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What Is A Good Credit Score For A Mortgage?


Konut kredisi kredilerinde, kredi notu, diğer kredilerde olduğu gibi dikkat edilmesi gereken ilk faktörlerden biridir. Kredi puanı, tüm kredi ve kredi kartı işlemlerinde lider rollerden biridir. Bir ipotek için iyi bir kredi puanının belirlenmesi amacıyla ipotek kredisi türlerinin incelenmesi gerekmektedir.

Konut kredisi almak için başvurabileceğiniz kredi türleri aşağıdaki gibidir;

1- FHA kredileri

2- VA kredileri

3- USDA kredileri

4- FHA 203K Kredileri

5- Geleneksel Krediler.

  • FHA Kredileri;

FHA kredileri devlet tarafından finanse edilen kredilerdir ve birincil konut satın alımları için kullanılır. FHA kredileri alırken, kredi puanınıza göre ödeme yapmanız gerekmektedir. Kredi puanınız 580 veya daha fazla ise, peşinat kredi tutarının% 3,5’i kadardır. 500 ile 579 arasında kredi puanına sahip olanlar için peşinat tutarı kredi tutarının en az% 10’u kadardır. Gördüğünüz gibi, ipotek için iyi bir kredi puanına sahip olmak aynı zamanda FHA kredilerinin peşinatını düşürmenizi de sağlar.

  • VA Kredileri;

VA loans are provided by private lenders but are also partially supported by the Department of Veterans Affairs. There is no limit on the amount of credit for VA loans, but lenders may impose certain restrictions on their interests. There is also no credit score limit set for VA loans, but lenders set a credit score limit to ensure repayment. This is because they do not receive good collateral in the event of no refund. In addition, there should be no heavy debt burden. In VA loans, those who have a good credit score for a mortgage have priority.

  • USDA Loans;

USDA Loans are mortgage loans granted by lenders and guaranteed by the Ministry of Agriculture. Especially in rural areas to increase the settlement of the house. Like other loans, this loan is available only for primary housing. The loan has a flexible structure and there is no prepayment penalty. But when buying USDA loans you also need a good credit score for a mortgage.

  • FHA 203K Loans;

FHA 203K Loans helps you renew your home with your mortgage or buy a home. Landlords can also use these credits to add the cost of new projects to a new loan or to refinance the existing mortgage. These credits are like a special version of FHA credits. Therefore you need a good credit score for a mortgage.

  • Conventional Loans;

When buying Conventional Loans, you must pay between 3% and 20% of your loan amount. The factor that changes this ratio is the credit score.

What should be a good credit score for a mortgage by mortgage types?

According to FHA loans;

A good credit score for a mortgage is 580 and above. Individuals can take 15 and 30 years of loans at fixed rates. They must also pay premiums when receiving these loans.

According to VA loans;

A good credit score for a mortgage is 620 and above. In some cases, 580 credit points may be sufficient. There are some rights to these loans, which make it easier for you to buy a house.

According to USDA loans;

A good credit score for a mortgage is 640 and above. You must have a rural area to receive these loans.

According to FHA 203K loans and Conventional loans;

A good credit score for a mortgage is 620 points and above.

The specified credit points are based on the FICO score type. Credit scores are awarded by three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, TransUnion and Experian). For this reason, you should receive your credit score according to all three credit reporting institutions. If you do not have a good credit score for a mortgage, ask your credit report for these three companies. This allows you to correct any incorrect or incorrect situations in the credit reports and have a good credit score for a mortgage. If this is not the case, there are other factors that you can use besides having a good credit score within a mortgage. These are;

Saving large amounts of money,

Low debt-to-income ratio,

Low credit-value ratio (High down payment 10% +),

Mevcut işverenle uzun süreli çalışma geçmişi,

Yüksek gelir.


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