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Where Do I Get My Free Credit Report?


The most popular question of recent times is What is My Credit Notation? And how and from where do I get these reports? are like questions. The most interesting aspect of these questions, especially from the most popular financial questions of the last 10 years, is that although it is quite popular, it can not be fully understood in real sense. And this can sometimes cause major problems in official transactions. In this article we will also briefly discuss how the credit score is and how the credit score is questioned, as well as how and where the Credit Reports can be obtained. If yes, let’s take a look at basic information about credit score first!

What is Credit Score?

Credit rating is a criterion that the banks use to decide whether to give you credit or not and which is continuous and most importantly constantly changing. When you apply for a loan, the banks want to predict if you can make your payments on time and take risks accordingly. For this you make an overall assessment based on your credit score calculated on a mathematical basis using your current net income level as well as your past credit (mortgage, consumer credit, credit card etc.) information. Your credit rating is usually expressed in a number between 400 and 900. Approximately 50% of consumers receive credit ratings below 675 and 50% over 675. And these scores are constantly changing as we say.

What to Look for When You Give a Credit?

It takes into account whether you pay your credit card bills regularly, how many and which type of bank account you have, and whether you have overdue payments. And besides, your information such as your non-repayable checks and your bad loans, how many years you have spent with your bank and the total amount of your debt are the most important criteria that determine your credit score.

Generally your credit information is held at the Credit Bureau. Unsecured checks and bad credit information are also kept in the Central Bank as a Black List. The Black List includes information on the owners of the credits they have credited to the credits of the creditors, which are not paid on time by the banks and private financial institutions. The banks deny credit requests for the names listed on the Black List. The Central Bank removes the debts from the list after three years, and the non-payers after five years from the Black List.

Where Do I Get My Free Credit Report

Now, Where Do I Get My Free Credit Report? I will search for answers!

The Credit Report, which you can obtain for free, is available through the member websites of all banks. In addition, if you want to make this report, you must apply for an official application to the Credit Registration Bureau offices.

You can do all your credit report transactions with your identity card. It is not possible to obtain a credit inquiry report or inquire credit on behalf of someone else. It should also be noted that as a result of legal regulations, the persons engaged in this transaction are faced with criminal proceedings.

You can also get this report from Findex sites or Findex official web sites. But we can not tell you exactly whether you can take it in a dataset in the form of a report. The best result is the central banks or the Credit Registration Bureau. You can also choose these channels. Others may have your information stolen or misinformation.

Your risk report usually consists of formal minutes of all bank transactions and other official submissions you have made during or during the semester.


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