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Who Has My Student Loans?


Throughout the teaching life, many of us try to cover the cost of teaching by getting student loans. If you think what I need to know about my student loans, you should first recognize your student loan type and learn about your loan servicers.

Student loans are divided into two; federal student loans and private student loans. Credit providers also vary by loan type. You can see that your student loan provider has changed after graduation. If you do not know where to pay your student loan, you may miss a payment of your student loan. Persons receiving student credits need to find out who owns student loans, so that they can track student loan balances and ensure that payments are applied correctly.

What do I need to know about my student loans?

I need to know about my student loans;

Federal student loans are student loans granted by the government. These loans can be forgiven after paying a certain rate. Federal student loan requirements are pre-defined and do not vary by person. In some cases, student loans that do not require a refund are also available.

Private student loans are issued by a private lender. The loan terms of private student loans are determined by the lenders and may vary depending on the individual.

Differences between federal student loans and private student loans;

The major difference between federal student loans and private student loans is the use of cost and credit points to determine eligibility. This is important for those who ask what I need to know about my student loans. Undergraduate students wishing to receive federal student loans do not need to undergo credit checks. However, graduate students undergo credit checks and, if there is any reverse information in their credit history, it becomes difficult for them to receive Federal student loans, and some may not receive Federal student loans. Credit points are required to receive private student loans. A minimum of 640 credit scores is required for both types of credit, but more credit points may be required depending on the circumstances.

If you have federal student loans, their interest rates are fixed. If you choose different payment schemes, interest rates on federal student loans will always remain constant. If you saying my student loans are ‘private student loans’, interest rates can be fixed or variable. Usually, these student loans have higher interest rates.

Subsidized loans may be granted for those wishing to receive federal student loans. If you have these credits, the government will pay the interest of your loans until you graduate. However, this does not apply to private student loans. You pay the interest of your loans.

There are many payment plan options for paying federal student loans, and your debt can be forgiven after you pay a certain amount of your credits. If you saying my student loans are ‘private student loans’, the payment options for you are limited and your debt will not be forgiven after you have paid a certain amount of your loan.

You do not have to repay federal student loans until you graduate. However, if you have private student loans, you usually have to start paying your loans before you graduate.

Student Loan Servicers;

The servers of student loans also vary according to the type of your loan. Therefore, we can divide them into federal student loan servicers and private student loan servicers. Student loan servicers are responsible for collecting payments from borrowers. If you ask, ‘What else can he do about my student loans?’, in addition, help manage student loan repayment in the event of forbearance, deferment, or other repayment options.

  • Federal student loan servicers;

Even if you find work after graduation, you will still need to identify the servers of your federal student loans. If you do this, you can edit your payment plans, or you may be directed to different payment options to keep your account in good standing.

There are many student loan servicer options for federal student loans. The main options used and their phone numbers are;

CornerStone – its phone number: 1-800-663-1662,

FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA) – its phone number: 1-800-699-2908,

Granite State – GSMR – its phone number: 1-888-556-0022,

Great Lakes Educational Loan Services – its phone number: 1-800-236-4300,

HESC / Edfinancial – its phone number: 1-855-337-6884,

MOHELA – its phone number: 1-888-866-4352,

Navient – its phone number: 1-800-722-1300,

Nelnet- its phone number: 1-888-486-4722,

OSLA Servicing – its phone number: 1-866-264-9762.

  • Private student loan servicers;

If you saying my student loans are ‘private student loans’, it may take a little more time to find a student loan service provider. For those with special student loans, the best way to find credit providers is through credit reports. There are methods of getting free credit reports. Today, three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion) offer credit reports free of charge once a year. You can also get your credit reports from each credit reporting agency. If you schedule your credit reports every four months to receive your credit reports, you will have the opportunity to check your credit reports regularly for free. Thus, even if your private student loan servers change, you can follow this through your credit reports.

All creditors of my student loans are listed in my credit reports. You can also get contact information for these lenders about your account number, credit balance, and more. You can use this information to track your student loans.

For both federal student loans and private student loans, this may sound very complicated, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do most of the steps yourself at StudentLoans.gov. You can also get started with help from your lender. If you’re not sure what to do with your student loans, or if you don’t know where to start, you may want to consider getting a CFA to help you.

If you’re worried that I need to make sound financial planning for my student loans, there are student loan planners that help you make that planning. You can take advantage of these student loan planners by paying a certain amount.


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